Alex’s Corner Pizza Shop & Prizm 21-22 Mega Box

We took a trip down to the mom and pop pizza shop – Alex’s Corner Pizza Shop. “The Best Priced Pizza in PIttsburgh.” The shop has been in business for over 70 years. As soon as you step foot in the store, you’ll see homemade signs, a meat slicer, a wall of cans, and bottles of condiments in the back — everything is made fresh.  You can get ANYTHING from hoagies, soup, gyros, pizza, down to Reese cups and Takis. It’s a hole in the wall Pittsburgh gem serving blue collar Pittsburgh customers.

Yichun took control of the rips of a Panini 21-22 Mega Box of NBA basketball cards. This box has not treated me kindly in the past, but for Yichun it’s a different story. The last time he opened, he pulled a cracked ice Jalen Green. Today, he pulled a silver Jalen Green. The centering was prefect with the exception of some dimple marks.

I haven’t watched enough Rocket games to give an accurate critique of Jalen’s game, but I will say, his first impression indicates he plays out of rhythm, with a focus on chucking up buckets and jumping out of the arena. He put up 40 against the Pelicans this March. There’s no doubt, he has potential to be a superstar in the league, but the question is, will his talent translate to wins? The 21 year old has plenty of time to improve all facets of his game. The rockets have a young promising core with Sengun, Porter Jr and Jabari Smith Jr. As of March, they have 18-55 record, and it’s no secret, they’ve been tanking for the Victor Webanyama sweepstakes.

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